Registration Deadline Extended to August 26, 2022
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Research to Practice

Launched in 2022, the Center for Innovation (formerly CIDCI) and Shadow Ventures invites individuals and teams from universities to present research outcomes to a “wicked problem” within the AEC industry. Submissions from any research team, from any university in the world, will be considered.

Shadow Ventures and the Center for Innovation will award $5000 in prize money. There is no entry fee.

Registration Deadline:

August 26, 2022 *Extended


Submission Deadline:

August 29, 2022


The Challenge

The AEC industry embraces technology and innovation at all stages of construction projects: design, construction, and facility operations. “Out of the box” thinking, to tackle industry challenges is also expanding as industrial construction.  Industrialized Construction has been defined as advancing the construction process by employing mechanization and automation. Within the next decade, many believe that the majority of buildings will be built employing industrialized construction techniques.

This new way of building will, it is hypothesized, create better working conditions for those in the industry, lower prices to satisfy a shortage of affordable housing globally, and respond to environmental challenges including climate change.

There are several intents behind the promotion of industrialization of construction, such as increasing labor productivity, substituting labor-intensive processes with machines, fast-tracking the rate of construction, commissioning new projects more quickly, reducing costs, lean construction, incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and improving overall quality.

The Center for Innovation believes it is imperative that industry, academia, and government unite to help ensure architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) programs align to create a paradigm shift for the built environment.

The Center for Innovation invites submissions by teams whose research outcomes are on the path to technology transfer or ready to be evaluated in a practical setting (e.g., a real construction site, company, or a project setting). Outcomes that aim to improve architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management. Whether these research outcomes are directly implemented in industrial construction settings or not, you are welcome to join this challenge. Research and product development may include but is not limited to, BIM, robotic solutions, digitalization and/or data integration, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions.

NOTE: The list above is not comprehensive and we encourage submissions that can, in any way, improve the AEC industry. Submissions with a "proof of concept" will have an advantage. We especially seek submissions with a working prototype or a submission on the path toward tech transfer.

The Rules

  • Submission teams must include one or more faculty advisor
  • Submissions may be made by one or more students
  • Submissions are limited to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at an accredited college or university anywhere in the world
  • Submissions will be evaluated only on the requested materials (do not send additional information)
  • Decisions of the Center for Innovation Board of Directors are final
  • All submissions are final
  • There is no submission fee
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Important Dates

May 23

Call for submission released

Aug 26

Registration Deadline (Extended from August 1st)

Aug 29

Submission Deadline

NOTE: Submissions must follow the template provided (see Research to Practice Guideline PDF). Failure to follow the template may result in disqualification.

Sep 9

Up to 5 teams will be invited to present at the Shadow Summit.  Selection of these teams to be made by the Board of Directors of the Center for Innovation.

Sep 21

Mandatory one-hour presentation rehearsal for selected winning teams, 7:00- 20:00 PST. Teams will receive feedback on their submission that should be incorporated into their final presentation. Any questions from the jury will be shared with teams at this time.

Oct 6/7

Live presentation (in person or virtual) at Shadow Summit conference in Asheville, NC.

How to Submit

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Registration Deadline:

August 26, 2022 *Extended


Submission Deadline:

August 29, 2022


Submissions must include:

  • PDF of a PowerPoint slide deck
  • Separate PDF of at least one Student ID
  • Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes (students should time their presentation to not exceed this amount of time)
  • You may include embedded video links in your presentation

Research to Practice Guidelines

Download PDF