Upcoming Webinar: American Elevators are 3X as Expensive as European Elevators: Implications for the Building Industry and the High Cost of Housing
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REUkraine: REStart, ReBuild, Recover | Innovation Foundations for a Strong Future
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We Inspire Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry

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We inspire innovation in the Design and Construction industry.

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We Are Values Driven.

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We strive to accelerate creativity and the awareness of new ideas.

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We adhere to a moral ethos with sensitivity to all beings.

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We seek diverse voices to create better outcomes for all.

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We bring information that is relevant and impactful to our community.

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We need to meet the needs of people & our planet.

We bring people together from diverse backgrounds to advance positive change.

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We are reshaping the AEC industry for tomorrow.

We provide programs that showcase true innovators and share content with an international audience.

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We are a non-profit dedicated to improving the built environment and inspiring innovation.

Join the Movement.

If you want to improve the built environment, can you and your company afford not to join us?

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Innovation Lab Recording

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Innovation Lab Recording
The Center for Innovation sets itself apart from others with its focus on the people and processes that drive innovation. From an investment perspective, I can't think of a better use of a company's human and financial capital than the Center for Innovation.
- Ian MacLaren | Southland Industries

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