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What is the Innovation Lab?

Participants in the Innovation Lab learn tools from design and systems thinking and be able to apply them immediately to their own projects. They leave the course with an appreciation of how to better understand their stakeholders, how to frame opportunities within messy problem spaces, how to conduct rapid experiments to test new product or service offerings, and how to tell stories about ideas in a way that resonates with various stakeholders and motivates action.

This year’s participants included design and construction leaders working on solo and group projects.

Join us to hear about their transformation journey and how the Innovation Lab inspired innovation for their company and their own personal careers.

About the Instructor

Dr. Vivek Rao

Dr. Vivek Rao blends design, engineering, and strategy in his work as an educator, researcher, and designer. His current work in academia includes teaching across the three MBA programs at UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and publishing more than 20 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the fields of engineering design theory and methodology. Previously, he was a designer and strategist at IDEO, and became fascinated with the AEC sector while working as a process R&D engineer at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (Wastewater Enterprise).

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