A Catalyst for Innovation Ad

What happens when a building developer unlocks innovation by adding funding for R&D to a project? Join Doug Moore as he describes the South Landing Development in Spokane, Washington, a zero-carbon, zero-energy project that launched new innovative market offerings.

About the Speaker

Doug Moore, P.E.

Doug has been instrumental in McKinstry’s evolution from a local mechanical contractor into a nationally recognized leader of efficient, smart, and clean solutions for the built environment. He is passionate about next-generation construction techniques that deliver high-performance, cost-effective buildings, and model environmental stewardship. His most recent focus has been increasing the speed of building design and construction by industrializing processes and the supply chain. A key ingredient in this process revolution is the use of emerging technologies. To be on the front line of the construction technology race, Doug has become an active angel investor in technology startups. He leverages his relationships with select startups to form strategic partnerships that will accelerate McKinstry’s ability to lead transformational change in the built environment.

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