What happens when the Center for Innovation and Dobrobat invite 10 Ukrainian AEC leaders to visit the San Francisco Bay Area to learn about advanced means and methods of design and construction?

A community of practice is formed among the participants under the guidance of internationally acclaimed professors and innovators. Ambitious ideas and plans are discussed and are now underway as the Ukrainians ponder how best to “think deeply and act quickly.” Learn more about the next steps in CFI’s biggest innovation challenge to date and how you can make a difference in Ukrainian reconstruction with Ukrainian NGO Dobrobat.

About the Speakers

Konstantin Demenkov

Department for Cooperation with International Agencies and Financial Institutions Kharkiv City Council

Department for Cooperation with International Agencies and Financial Institutions, Kharkiv City Council. Mr. Demenkov serves as a chief advisor for reconstruction to the City Council of Kharkiv. This city, close to the Russian border, has been severely damaged during the war. In May 2023, it was estimated that more than 6,500 houses were damaged, and 500 multi-story residential buildings were so badly damaged that they could not be restored. About 80 hospitals and clinics were damaged, in addition to cultural institutions, museums, universities, subways, buses, cars, and garages. Some were targeted hits, others collateral damage.

Daryna Nedzelska

Culture Consultant UNESCO Kyiv Desk

Daryna oversees projects focused on damage and risk assessment, emergency restoration, and stabilization work in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, and Kharkiv under the Heritage Emergency Fund support and within the Project “Support for Ukraine in Culture and Education through UNESCO: Emergency Response for World Heritage” and cultural property: damage assessment and protection, funded through UNESCO. Daryna’s dedication and contributions to culture and arts were recognized in 2018 when she received an honorary award from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Anna Kyrii

Founder & Owner Architectural Project Group

Anna Kyrii is an architect, public activist, and deputy head of the Architectural Chamber of Ukraine. In 2008, Kyrii founded Architectural Project Group, an architecture firm that seeks to rebuild Ukraine.

Andrii Lakshtanov

Founder & Owner Architectural Project Group

Andrii is a passionate construction professional with 15 years of experience in the construction industry, currently serving as Marketing Director at Hilti international company Hilti. The devastating war in his native country brought Andrii into volunteering in the construction area. In 2022 he joined DOBROBAT, a project that focuses on the reconstruction of damaged buildings in the affected regions and de-occupied territories of Ukraine. Currently, Andrii is the Head of International relations in the construction industry, responsible for foreign partners and cooperation establishment in order to build a strong community of construction industry representatives for Ukraine restoration.