Responding to the need for unbiased and objective information in construction technology, Placer Solutions has begun providing in-depth research reports on emerging technology topics for the industry. Their most recent report explores text-based A.I. tools like OpenAI's advanced language model. Emphasizing real-world applications and challenges, the report addresses the pressing questions of construction business leaders and provides a roadmap for IT leaders. It stands as an essential resource for those aiming to harness A.I. for strategic advantage in the construction sector.

About the Presenter

Nate Fuller

Nate Fuller is a passionate and accomplished construction technology leader with a diverse background in corporate innovation, construction technology, and entrepreneurship. He contributed to engineering design and project management for global construction projects before helping to create Bechtel's Office of Innovation in 2016. He then ventured into entrepreneurship and later founded Placer Solutions, a management consultancy firm in 2021. Nate's proven track record defining strategy and directing change management in construction has led to successful consulting engagements with North America’s largest construction contractors.  

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