Lessons from the 2023 Turkey Earthquake webinar ad

The 2023 Kahramanmaras Earthquake Sequence was a devastating event affecting the lives and communities of Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. This presentation will discuss topics of building performance, community resilience, critical infrastructure and thoughts on the similar seismic risk that affect the San Francisco Bay Area.

About the Speakers

Jennifer Gross, Associate Principal, Degenkolb Engineers

Jennifer has more than 16 years of structural engineering experience. She has frequently worked in design and analysis, and her work spans various sectors throughout California, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii. She has expertise in structural analysis, seismic evaluation, and structural design, and she often reviews the work of younger engineers—which she uses as an opportunity to mentor and train.

Adam Hugo-Holman, Principal, Degenkolb Engineers

Adam’s work focuses on improving the seismic performance of existing buildings and reducing earthquake-related risk to communities and clients working and living in California and around the world.

Baris Lostuvali, Project Executive, The Boldt Company

Baris is a Project Executive with The Boldt Company practicing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) on various complex projects ranging from pre-construction, new construction, and building renovations for healthcare, commercial office buildings and industrial facilities.

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