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Rebuilding Ukraine, In War and Peace

Just over one year ago, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. The United Nations General Assembly, the United States, and most countries around the world  condemned Russia's “unprecedented military aggression” as “unprovoked and unjustified.”

As the war has dragged on, some have called the Ukrainian army a “MacGyver army” for its ingenuity, adapted digital tools, and innovative strategy.

In the midst of war, Ukrainian President Zelensky has challenged Ukrainians to imagine a reconstruction effort using innovative materials, tools, and ideas to create a better built environment for all. The President challenged design and construction leaders to respond to the immediate challenges of war-time reconstruction while simultaneously planning for a peacetime economy.

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Estimates of the cost of rebuilding Ukraine are close to $1 trillion (USD)

How might the Design and Construction Industry help?

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In September 2022, the Center for Innovation hosted a webinar with the Lean Institute Ukraine entitled, "The Ukraine, Living Under Siege While Planning for Peace". During this webinar, we explored how the AEC industry can help. Our Ukrainian guest speakers told us they wanted to see and learn first-hand about AEC innovations in the US to help rebuild their country quickly and sustainably.

Today, the Center for Innovation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting innovation in the Design and Construction industries, is partnering with the Lean Institute Ukraine and the Ukrainian Consulate in providing technical assistance to the people of Ukraine as they rebuild during war—as well as plan for peacetime reconstruction.

Members of the Center for Innovation's Board of Directors and other volunteers are currently meeting with Ukrainian leaders and helping resolve immediate rebuilding and construction issues.

Study Trip Symposium

The Center for Innovation is also planning a 10-day study trip symposium based in San Francisco Bay area in June 2023. This trip will include Senior Government Officials from Ukraine, as well as construction leaders. The study trip objective is for Ukrainians and Americans to share best practices to support the creation of sustainable and healthier buildings for Ukrainian people in which to live, learn, and work.

The Center for Innovation is fundraising to support travel costs for this trip which will be provided at no cost to Ukrainian participants.

Estimates of the cost for the study trip are $100,000 (USD). Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Center for Innovation to support this trip.

Want to get involved?

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'The World's Largest Construction Site': The Race Is On to Rebuild Ukraine

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The Ukraine: Living Under Siege while Planning for Peace

The Ukraine: Living Under Siege While Planning For Peace

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